GoPro Media Mod for Hero 11/10/9

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  • Built-in directional mic highlights voice audio and reduces ambient noise
  • Tough, weather-resistant construction withstands the elements
  • 2 cold-shoe mounts to attach your favorite lights, mics or LCD screens
  • 3.5mm mic port lets you add an external mic for enhanced audio
  • HDMI-out port to monitor or play back your footage
  • Unique and compact wraparound design adds portable expandability and ensures mounting remains easy
  • Designed for use with GoPro Light Mod and Display Mod, plus third-party accessories
  • Warranty 6 months
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GoPro Media Mod Designed for vlogging, live streaming and near limitless expansion—Media Mod transforms your HERO camera into a production powerhouse. It features a built-in directional mic for enhanced voice capture, 3.5mm mic port, HDMI-out for playback on external monitors, plus two cold-shoe mounts for lights, LCD screens or additional mics

* Tương thích với GoPro 9, GoPro 10, GoPro 11

GoPro Media Mod for for vloggers

Built tough and weather-resistant, even the wind is no match for this mod. The removable foam mic cover suppresses wind gust up to 20 mph (32 kph).

Với thiết kế chắc chắn chịu đựng thời tiết khắc nghiệt. Bạn có thể gắn bộ phụ kiện này lên bất cứ đâu kể cả đỉnh đầu của bạn khi đang lái xe, nhảy dù… Rất tiếc tính năng chống nước không được tích hợp trên Media Mod nên bạn không thể sử dụng dưới biển hay hồ bơi.

Directional mic

directional mic

Compact design

for portability + mounting options, plus it’s built tough + weather-resistant.

Built for creators

2 cold-shoe mounts to attach Light Mod + Display Mod, while a 3.5mm port lets you add an external mic for enhanced audio.

In the box GoPro Media Mod

  • GoPro Media Mod (HERO11 Black/HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black)
  • Warranty 6 months
  • Free shipping Vietnam
Weight 1000 g
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