Article 1: Products subject to VIP Warranty Service 1-replace-1 (Fast Warranty):

  • This provision applies to products subject to 1-replace-1 warranty service. There is a 1-replace-1 stamp on Warranty Card.
  • 1-replace-1 warranty is known as DroidShop.VN which will provide customer with a new or equivalent product which operates well during warranty period, if the product or accessory is confirmed to be defective or unable to work.
  • Depending on each type of products, only defective accessories or all accessories in the product will be replaced.
  • Warranty and replacement time is quick, within from 24 to 48 hours from the moment the defective device is received from customers (excluding delivery time).
  • In case the product to be replaced is temporarily sold out, for objective reasons, customers will have to wait for 15 days at maximum to receive the replacement of a new product.

Article 2: Products subject to standard warranty service (Manufacturer):

  • Warranty time may last from 45 to 60 days if it is needed to send the defective product to the US for warranty or it is delayed due to delivery time or the manufacturer needs more time to wait for the accessories for replacement.

Article 3: Remarks for Warranty Products:

  • Staff fully advised the using configuration. The replacement will not be applied for PC configuration reasons.
  • For all items, it is needed to retain the full box to perform the warranty service. Loss of the box is considered as loss of warranty rights.
  • The products subject to warranty, repairing or replacement are equivalent products, the shop does not commit that the replaced product is a 100% new product, this depends on the supplier’s decision.
  • Warranty products are entitled to free repairing and replacement of all parts and components which are defective in hardware. The principle that product replaces product, accessory replaces accessory is applied. The whole or full box replacement is not applied. For 1-replace-1 warranty service, a completely new product will be replaced.
  • For products requesting warranty due to software defects, the shop is only responsible for reinstalling the original and basic software of the product to prove that the product’s hardware is not defective.
  • In case, for objective reasons, DroidShop.VN concludes that it is impossible to repair or has no equivalent product to replace the warranty product for the customer, you will be refunded 50% of the product’s value.

Article 4: Exemption from responsibility for warranty:

  • The product is bent, broken, distorted, cracked (due to fall, crash, collision).
  • The product uses a glued decal screen protector. In the process of gluing the protector, the product may be scratched by knives or its components or parts may be damaged by fire. Customers should use a magnetic screen protector to ensure that the product is still entitled to warranty policy.
  • The product is changed, the antenna is broken, or the customer uses adhesive tape and decal preventing the product from releasing heat.
  • The product is waterlogged, soaked or steamed, showing signs of rust or corrosion.
  • Customers remove products by themselves. Warranty Stamp is torn, scratched, modified. Warranty book is lost, modified, having inaccurate information.
  • The product is damaged by natural disasters, unstable power source, animals, corrosive chemicals, falling, distortion, cracking during use. Explosion of chip, fire of chip, fire of board, the product smells burnt by fire.
  • Defects caused by arbitrary jailbreak of product/product root/Product cracking, arbitrary editing of system files making the product unable to power up and display. Any action of interference with, alteration of the software of the product, or software is defective due to the customer’s alternation, interference with system File or operating system of the product.
  • Accessories such as program CDs, travel adapter, cable, headset, removable battery.
  • The products that are promotion gifts.
  • Customer fails to clearly demonstrate the product is defective by the manufacturer during use. We do not provide product warranty in accordance with defect report or experience of defect of members being posted on the community forum.
  • We do not provide warranty of the product under customer’s feeling without proof of manufacturer’s fault such as: screen background color, hot product, short battery lifespan, on-off mobile wave, on-off 3G wave, on-off 3G wifi, auto turn-off randomly without identified time, or the state of the picture, sound, light, speed, heat, wave quality is different in comparison with those of products not the same type.
  • If the product’s software is defective during use and the above defects are identified by the manufacturer, you must agree to wait for the updating of the repaired software from the manufacturer.
  • Defective dead spot in screen. Cracked, striped, ink-leaking screen. Broken screen (partly or wholly by falling, crack, collision). Cracks or stripes appear on the screen. Screen is broken, ink leaks, 1 or 2 dead spots appear on the screen.
  • These errors are caused accidentally or intentionally by the user. DroidShop.VN has the right to refuse product warranty service.