JSAUX HDMI Cable 2.1 8K Optical Fiber

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  • Genuine JSAUX
  • Supports image export up to 8K
  • Export images in many resolutions: HD(720P), FHD(1080P), QHD (1440P), Ultra HD 4K (2160P)
  • Integrated audio support for 7.1 Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision,…
  • Cables of various lengths

JSAUX HDMI Cable 2.1 8K is an extremely high-quality HDMI cable model from JSAUX that supports users for many different purposes, from the need to export images to the computer screen to serve the needs of playing game.

Compatible with many resolutions​

This cable model can support image output with many different resolutions from 720P (HD) 60Hz to 8K 60Hz resolution. Support serves the majority of users with many different purposes.

High-end design

This HDMI cable uses a 28AWG copper core, 3 layers of tin covered with high-quality nylon material. In addition, the HDMI plug is gold-plated to prevent corrosion, ensuring the cable will always connect stably over time

Compatible with many types of devices

With this cable model, as long as the device has an HDMI port to output images, you will have a screen with extremely excellent display quality.

Thương Hiệu

Chiều dài - length

1M, 2M, 3M, 5M, optical fiber 10M

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