Nintendo Switch Lite Mod Chip

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  • Brand new
  • Include MicroSD Samsung Evo Plus 128GB 130MB/s
  • Warranty 6 months
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Gift Glass Screen Protector
  • Gift Soft Silicone Joystick Caps Accessories
  • Free shipping Vietnam

The Nintendo Switch lite mod chip game console is Nintendo’s most compact version that can play all games on the app store. Switch between two operating systems (Orginal Firmware and Custom Firmware). Comes with a VIP account to download games for free for 2 years on DroidShop’s Tinfoil server

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Ưu điểm

Lưu ý cần tránh

Dedicated to handheld play

The system for gamers on the go.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed specifically for handheld play—so you can jump into your favorite games wherever you happen to be.

Compact and lightweight

With its light, sleek design, this system is ready to hit the road whenever you are.

Built-in controllers

Controllers are built right into the system for handheld play, and the left side sports a +Control Pad.

Compatible games

The Nintendo Switch Lite system plays the library of Nintendo Switch games that work in handheld mode.

Brighten up

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in five colors: blue, yellow, gray, turquoise, and coral.

Specs of Nintendo Switch Lite


Approximately 3.6 inches high, 8.2 inches long, and .55 inches deep
*The depth from the tip of the analog sticks to the tip of the ZL/ZR buttons is 1.12 inches


Approx. .61 lbs


Capacitive touch screen / 5.5 inch LCD / 1280×720 resolution


NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor


32 GB of internal storage, a portion of which is reserved for use by the system. Users can easily expand storage space using microSDHC or microSDXC cards up to 2TB (sold separately).


Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth 4.1 / NFC (near field communication)




Left Stick
Right Stick
A B X Y L R ZL ZR + – Buttons
+ Control Pad
Power Button
Volume Button
HOME Button
Capture Button

USB connector

USB Type-C
Used for charging only.

Headphone/mic jack

3.5mm 4-pole stereo (CTIA standard)

Game card slot

Nintendo Switch game cards

Internal battery

Lithium ion battery / battery capacity 3570mAh

Battery life Approx. 3.0 to 7.0 hours

Charging time

Approximately 3 hours
*When charging while the hardware is in sleep mode

Better together: Multiplayer gaming options

Local wireless

Link up to eight Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems together to play multiplayer*** games anywhere.

Online play

Team up or face off with others online in compatible games with a Nintendo Switch Online** membership.

In the box

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Console
  • Nintendo Switch AC Adapter
  • Warranty 6 months
  • Free shipping Vietnam
Thương Hiệu

Color Nintendo

Hồng Coral, Vàng Yellow, Xám Gray, Xanh Blue, Xanh ngọc – Turquoise

Kích thước:

91,1 x 20,8 x 13,9 mm

Trọng lượng:


Màn hình:

Màn hình LCD cảm ứng 5.5 inch
Độ phân giải 1280×720


NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor

Bộ nhớ:

Bộ nhớ trong 32GB (chưa tính lưu trữ hệ điều hành)
Hỗ trợ thẻ nhớ ngoài Micro SD lên tới 2TB


Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
Bluetooth 4.1 / NFC


Tích hợp Stereo

Các phím bấm:

Tay trái
Tay phải
A B X Y L R ZL ZR + – Buttons
+ Control Pad
Power Button
Volume Button
HOME Button
Capture Button

Kết nối USB:

USB Type-C
Kết nối USB chỉ hỗ trợ sạc

Tai nghe

Jack 3.5mm

Game card:

Hỗ trợ gắn băng game của Nintendo


Pin Lithium ion 3570mAh
Thời gian chơi liên tục từ 3 tới 7 tiếng (phù thuộc vào game)

Thời gian sạc:

Sạc pin khoảng 3 tiếng

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