JSAUX Carrying Case for PSVR2

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  • Main brand JSAUXư
  • Designed specifically for PSVR 2 Virtual reality glasses
  • Easy to carry
  • Bag design with 3 layers of protection

JSAUX Hard Carrying Case Compatible with PSVR2 is a bag model specifically designed for PSVR2 glasses with the purpose of helping users carry the glasses to many places, while minimizing impact resistance as possible.

3 Layers of Protection

Made of velvet lining, high durometer EVA middle layer and durable snowflake fabric outer layer to keep your PS VR2 safe from scratches, bumps, crushing, moisture and dust. JSAUX use 3 layers of fabric to provide thoughtful and comprehensive protection for your PS VR2

Specially Designed for PS VR2

The exclusive groove customized for the PS VR2 Devices, fits your headset and touch controllers perfectly,protecting them from crushing and bumps and providing sensible partitioned storage for all your PS VR2 accessories.

Easy to Carry

The portable handle uses reinforced braided rope, as well as reinforced lining to ensure that the connection will never break, and with silicone handles to ensure a comfortable grip

Weight 1000 g
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