Rokid Air AR Glasses

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  • Only 83g lightweight and pocket-size
  • FoV 43° wide field of view, 55 pixels per degree
  • 1080P OLED dual display and 120″ massive screen
  • Myopic-Friendly: Supports near-sighted adjustment within 500° in both eyes.
  • Incredible Sound: Dual high-quality directional speakers, surrounding sound effects.
  • Direct Connection: All device support Displayport over USB Type-C
  • Wireless Adapter: Support all apple devices
  • HDMI to USB-C Adapter: support laptop & TV & game console, etc…
  • Warranty 6 months
  • Free shipping Vietnam

Rokid Air is the most affordable AR Glasses created for everyone. With wide applications for business, study, and entertainment, you can see movies bigger than ever before, play games, or follow along with maps while hiking. With voice control and advanced features, you can see more and do it all hands-free with Rokid Air.

Rokid Air Design Concept

Every detail matters

The optical module assembly is made of medical grade, aluminum-magnesium alloy with low density


Achieve perfect vision

Rokid Air is perfect for people who wear glasses. By turning the focus adjustment knobs, nearsighted users (myopia of -5.00 D or less) can achieve perfect vision. You don’t have to wear your prescription lenses or contacts anymore!

Turn Your Phone into a Touchpad

Unlike VR sets, Rokid Air has a new and powerful way for you to interact with its virtual screen. You don’t have to buy extra controllers to move the pointer. Your phone becomes a versatile touchpad after connecting with Rokid Air.

High Resolution

The 1920*1080*2 resolution that Rokid Air produces results in crisp details, vivid colors, and stunning visuals. You can run native resolution on most of your devices without any difficulty and with excellent display quality.

Hear and Feel

Dual HD Directional Speakers Sound System

What can Rokid Air Do?

Watch movies

Embrace the best gaming experience whenever you want, Xbox Cloud Gaming? Not a problem!

Play games

Embrace the best gaming experience whenever you want, Xbox Cloud Gaming? Not a problem!

Video meeting

Hazzle-free multi-tasks at the same time, which brings your productivity to the next level!

How to Connect Rokid Air

Rokid Air doesn’t need charging. The device to which it is tethered supplies the power so you can enjoy more content, games, movies and fun. It is widely compatible with all devices: Android & IOS phones, desktop computers & laptops, PS4, Xbox and Switch. Simply plug & play to see apps, videos and games in front of you rather than having to struggle to view them on a small device screen.

Direct Connection

Go to to check the USB Type-C adapter mode.

If it is above 3.1,choose this one.If not,please choose wireless connection

HDMI to USB-C Adapter

Support game consoles with HDMI adapter

support laptop & TV & etc. with HDMI adapter

Wireless Adapter

Support all apple devices.

Support part of USB Type-C which is below 3.1

Phone list support

Suport displayport over USB-C port. 

If phones not listed, Please select the “wireless adapter” bundle for screen castting.

How to connect Rokid Air with iPhone, iPad via Wireless Adapter

Specs of Rokid Air AR




HD directional speaker x 2

AI Interaction:

High-performance noise-canceling microphone x 2

AI voice recognition

Display Brightness:



Diopters for myopia of 0.00 ~ – 5.00 D




2 x 1920*1080

Refresh Rate:


Physical Button: 

Brightness Control (for 4 levels)


Android Phones with USB-C Display Port and OTG (Android 10 or later)


in the box

  • Rokid Air Glasses
  • Glasses Case
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Guide
  • Glasses Cleaning Cloth
  • Warranty 6 months
  • Free shipping Vietnam
Thương Hiệu


Rokid Air, Rokid Air + Wireless Adapter, Rokid Air + HDMI to USB-C Converter

Trọng lượng kính:


Âm thanh:

2 loa định hướng
Micro chống ồn

Độ sáng màn hình:


Điều chỉnh độ cận:

Điều chỉnh độ cận trong khoảng 0.00 ~ – 5.00 D



Độ phân giải:

2 màn hình 1920*1080

Tần số quét:


Nút điều chỉnh vật lý:

Kiểm soát độ sáng (4 cấp độ)

Kết nối:

– Điện thoại android hỗ trợ Displayport qua cổng USB-C
– Sử dụng bộ Adapter để đổi từ HDMI sang USB-C
– Sử dụng qua bộ Wireless Adapter để kết nối không dây với nguồn phát

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      Delivery was quick and well-communicated. The product is exactly as described. I spent a lot of time researching these smart glasses and am happy with the purchase.

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