Sony PlayStation Portal Remote Player

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  • Genuine Sony
  • Play all the games you have on both PS4 and PS5 platforms
  • 8 inch screen
  • 1080P resolution with 60FPS frame
  • Flexible gaming anywhere
  • The handle integrates haptic feedback
  • Free shipping Vietnam
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Sony PlayStation Portal Remote Player game console is the first handheld game console model from Sony PlayStation. The product has many differences compared to competitors such as Steam Deck and ROG Ally as it has a tablet-like design with 2 additional controllers, and you can also play all of the above games. PS4 or PS5 right on this device via Wifi connection. This will be a great gaming machine for those who want to play games from Sony.

Different design

Different from the traditional design with rectangular style from competitors such as Nintendo Switch, ROG Ally, Steam Deck,… but instead is a Tablet design with additional handles on both sides. . That is why this is the difference in the design of this product.

Impressive screen​

The Sony PlayStation Portal game console has a screen size of up to 8 inches, a fairly large size compared to handheld game consoles on the market today, with a resolution of 1080P and a scan frequency of 60Hz. The technical specifications are extremely basic and seem to be required on handheld game consoles, but the Sony PlayStation Portal can do the same thing. It would be a bit unfortunate that the scanning frequency only stops at 60Hz when it is not 120Hz or 144Hz.

Outstanding features

Play all games on PS4 and PS5 platforms

The PlayStation Portal console can play all the games you purchased on the PS5 system. In addition, you can also play games on the PS4 system if you have previously purchased it.

Dualsense Controller

The controller is designed in the style of the Dualsense PS5 controller so you will have features such as haptic feedback that simulates environmental factors, bow tension,…

No TV or large space required

Because it is a handheld game console, it will not require you to have a spacious space or a large-sized TV. Your job is simply to find a comfortable sitting corner, connect to Wifi and play the game.


Màn hình

Kích thước 8inch

Độ phân giải

1080P Full HD

Tần số quét


Tấm nền màn hình


Thời lượng pin

6-8 Tiếng

Kết nối


Tay cầm

Tay cầm phản hồi xúc giác, mô phỏng môi trường

Màu sắc


In the box

  • Sony PlayStation Portal Remote Player
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty 6 months
  • Free shipping
Weight 2000 g
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