Steam Deck Dock

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Steam Deck™ Docking Station is designed to add extensibility to your gaming setup. Whether connecting your Steam Deck to your living room TV, setting up on your work desk, or charging on your night stand, the Dock is perfect for extending the places and ways you can use your Steam Deck.

Expand your setup

Not too big or too small, Docking Station is exactly the right size and shape to hold Steam Deck securely. From the right angle USB-C connector at exactly the right length, to the molded rubber seat to ensure there’s no scratching, the Dock was made for Steam Deck.

Specs of Steam Deck Dock



3 x USB-A 3.1 Gen1 Ports


Gigabit Ethernet

External displays:

DisplayPort 1.4

HDMI 2.0

MST (Multi-Stream Transport) enabling multi-monitor support

Supports up to 4k 60hz, or 1440p 120hz

FreeSync support



USB-C Power Delivery passthrough input (power supply included)

Deck connection:

6″ USB-C captive cable with low profile 90° connector


Included PSU with 1.5m long cable (same as what comes with Steam Deck)


Size and Weight


117mm x 29mm x 50.5mm


Approx. 120 grams

In the box

  • Docking Station for Steam Deck
  • Power adapter
  • Warranty bill 6 months
  • Free shipping Vietnam

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