Cable Oculus Link OEM (China)

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  • This is a cheap Chinese OEM Brand cable using genuine Link cable replacement.
  • If you want the highest stability we still recommend Link Cable from Oculus.
  • Compatible for Oculus Quest 2: Link cable OEM (from China brand) has perfect compatibility for oculus quest 2, so you can enjoy your gaming time happily
  • Give you more choices: There are three lengths of link cables for you to choose. Choose the right one according to your needs
  • High-speed transmission & Fast Charging: The 3A current allows you to charge quickly while playing, maintaining stable and high-speed data transmission
  • USB C cable version: USB C cable compatible with usb 3.0/3.1 gen1/3.2 gen1
  • 90 Degree angle metal head design: The 90-degree USB C design makes you more stable and not easily damaged when playing
Cáp Oculus Link Oem Thay Thế
Cáp Oculus Link Oem Thay Thế


Weight 500 g

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