Insignia VR Extension – Extension Cable For Oculus Rift

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Extension Cable For Oculus Rift

Get more out of your VR setup with this Insignia 9-foot extension cable. Designed to extend your Oculus Rift headset’s range, this sophisticated cord streams data flawlessly and gives you extra freedom to move around. Use this Insignia 9-foot extension cable to connect your Oculus Rift headset to your gaming computer and lose yourself in a virtual world.

Product Features

Compatible with Oculus®

It allows you to extend the cable to your Oculus.

Extension cable for VR device

A simple solution for extending your virtual reality experience.

USB 3.0 and HDMI® connectors

Promote reliable signal transfer.

9′ length

Enables flexible placement options. Easy extends the distance between your computer and VR goggles.

For best performance, ensure your PC & graphics card are set up according to the minimum Oculus performance requirements prior to using this extension cable.

In some cases additional USB power may be required for optimum performance. Installing an extra USB 3.0 card in your PC will provide the port with this added power.









Weight 700 g

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