VR Mask 100pcs for VR Headset

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Why need VR Mask? As any VR user knows, sweat and heat can quickly build up when youre wearing a headset and lead to an uncomfortable and unhygienic environment. And sanitizing the headset with a wipe might not be enough.

  • The use of advanced medical grade fabrics, safe and hygienic, no irritation to the skin.
  • It has good sweat absorption effect and can effectively solve the problem of excessive sweating when using equipment.
  • No need to clean helmet sponge, effectively prolong the service life of equipment.
  • VR masks are disposable products, discarded after use, clean and sanitary.
  • Anthropological design suitable for all the faces of people.
  • This product is basically suitable for the use of mainstream VR and MR equipment in the market.
  • Perfect for public demos at VR trade show, VR exposition, VR gaming, VR/AR events, home and commercial use.


Material: Fabrics spunlace

Color: white

Size:about 21.5x12cm

Compatible Model: Compatibility All VR headset.

Package included: 1pcs x VR masks

Weight 1 g

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